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What happened in Albania between 1912 and 1991? You can discover it in an exclusive way by purchasing the virtual tour of Bunk’Art 2, the bunker built as wanted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs which was never used. The path crosses the environments at 360°  and is enriched at every step with testimonies, unpublished stories, surprising details, images and installations that reveal the secrets of the terrible ‘Sigurimi’.

Bunk’Art 2 preserves the memory of the communist regime, which is why the virtual visit is so important: it preserves the history and amplifies its usability through innovative tools. The tour can also be viewed with the latest generation VR viewers such as Quest 2, HTC Vive and cardboard.

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Inaugurated in 2016 in the center of Tirana, the tunnel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was built between 1981 and 1986 and can be considered as one of the last “great works” carried out by the communist regime as part of the bunkering projects that started in the early 70’.

This bunker, code-named ‘Objekti Shtylla’, consists of 24 rooms, an apartment reserved for the Minister of Internal Affairs, and a large room initially dedicated as a telecommunications center. The virtual path reconstructs the most important phases of this historical period at 360:

  • The Gendarmerie from Independence until the Second World War (1912 – 1939)
  • The police forces from the Fascist invasion to the Liberation (1939 – 1944)
  • The police and the ‘Sigurimi’ during the dictatorial regime (1944 – 1991)

The virtual visit of Bunk’Art 2 involves over 600 multimedia content and pays homage to the victims of communism by educating them about justice, freedom, and civil commitment.


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